Winter travel essentials

Hi y’all! Ok, did it go from 50’s to winter in a day? Here in Dallas it’s absolutely freezing. Which brings me to a post for another day: what to do with toddlers when it’s too cold to go outside??!! But this post is to tell you about a few of my go-to winter travel essentials.

My skin gets really dry when I fly. A Dallas-based blogger turned me onto this fantastic moisturizer by Colleen Rothschild, who is also Dallas-based! The tube is small enough to put in your carry-on luggage, but will also last you several months. Now, the package says it’s a mask, and you can wipe it off after 10 minutes. But my skin is so dry that it just soaks it all up. I’ve had it for about two months and love it. It’s also really reasonably priced. I got mine when she ran a 20% sale.

I hate washing my hair. Basically because I’m lazy, and it takes forever to dry. I’ve tried every dry shampoo out there. This Bed Head one is the best. It smells the best, and it comes in travel size. Oh, and it doesn’t leave white residue in your hair.

Sephora also sells this great clear zip up bag for all your essentials. I used sandwich bags for years, and finally splurged the $5 on a dang bag that will last. It’s by all the other travel-sized stuff you can pass up by the check out line. That area always gets me.

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. Enough said. I wear this every morning. Just throw on a little after you brush your teeth, and you automatically look like you’ve had 3 cups of coffee. It’s essential for school drop off the teachers don’t think I’m a complete hot mess. Although they already knew that based on the amount of times I’ve forgotten my kid’s coat. Anyways….the point is, it’s awesome. Sephora has a cheaper version I’ve tried. It’s good, not great, and doesn’t come in as many shades.

Also, a little travel tip I learned the hard way a couple weeks ago. If you travel with make-up wipes in your carry-on, it will get flagged as a liquid when going through TSA. Apparently all the moisture makes it look like a liquid bottle when going through the scanner. They’ll let you take it in, but be warned you will have your bag checked and may miss a flight.

Most importantly, hand sanitizer! In and out of airports and planes this holiday season, you don’t want to get sick!!!

Where is everyone going for the holidays? Hopefully someplace warm….

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