Why it’s time to go home

When I left for college, I remember telling my parents, “I’m never moving back to Dallas”. Nothing against the city and my family, I was just an independent and determined future journalist who was going to move all over the country working her way up the ranks. And for the last 14 years, I did. Columbia, MO —> Charlottesville, VA —> Knoxville, TN –> San Diego, CA —> Los Angeles, CA…. and now back home to Dallas.

My friends in the industry will all understand this, but I work in a field where you never stay in one city too long. (In fact I was criticized by a news director in a top 10 market for staying 6 years in Knoxville. She told me it showed I had lack of motivation. I hope you’re reading this News Director). You also don’t stay long enough or make enough money to own your home. And you very rarely get to pick where you want to live and raise your family. After 14 years, I’ve been blessed with my dream job that allows to me live where I want and the ability to finally buy a home. I haven’t even lived in one apartment more than two years. That said- I’m never moving again!

I never knew how much I missed being around family until I started my own. Watching my parents light up around their grandson is one of best feelings. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you also know how tough this past year has been trying to keep our crazy work schedules. This move means I no longer have to toss Jace through security like a dang relay baton.

This move doesn’t come without it’s sacrifices though. My husband had to say goodbye to a job and team of players that he loved. It’s tough to ask your partner to leave all that behind.  I’m incredibly grateful for Mario and his willingness to put our family first.

So today it’s off to Texas! We will miss all the friends we’ve made in California. If you’d told me ten years ago I was going to live in LA, I’d have thought you were crazy. This SEC, southern gal pretended to fit in drinking green juices and Acai bowls the last 3 years. Now I can stop pretending to be healthy and order some dang chips and queso!

I’m going to miss your beautiful weather Cali (and the proximity to Napa). But I despise the 101, the 405, and LAX more than I enjoy 70 degree winters.


14 thoughts on “Why it’s time to go home”

  1. So happy for you! Embrace the opportunity. I guarantee your Mom is the happiest person on the planet❤️

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