When you leave dad in charge…

  Flying out of LAX all the time, you eventually land on a flight with some celebrities. A few months ago I was on a redeye seated next to JoJo and Jordan from the Bachelorette. Jordan works for the SEC Network, so we started chatting. JoJo asked about my son and who takes care of him while I’m gone. This particular weekend I left my husband in charge. Her response: “You let your husband take care of him all weekend?!” To her credit, I get this question A LOT. I replied jokingly (and a little truthfully) “It took a little teaching, but I think he gets it now. I also have a nanny cam to spy on him.”

In all honesty, the first few times I left him alone I made an hour by hour timeline of Jace’s schedule. I left out every piece of clothing he should wear that weekend. I made all the bottles. I made all of Mario’s dinners and put them in the freezer. (Otherwise we’d have a $40 bill to the local Chinese takeout each night). It only took him getting peed on a few times to understand that diaper changes with boys have to go at the speed of a NASCAR tire change.

I’m not sure what moms did before cell phones. Mario would text me every 10 minutes.

“Where do I put him if I have to shower?”

“What’s this Gripe Water stuff?”

“I thought you said babies can’t have water?”

“How do I swaddle him? This kid had 8 arms!”

“I think our kid is broken. He won’t stop crying. We got a lemon.”

I know I’m lucky that I’ve got a husband I trust to watch him all weekend. The best part is seeing the bonding between the two of them.

Oh, and don’t worry, because I’ve got proof! Between the bottles and diaper changes, my husband and Jace found time for plenty of selfies!

Enjoy a little montage of what happens when you leave dad in charge….






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