What I learned on our first trip to Disneyland

Jace’s birthday was last week, and instead of throwing a big party, we decided to take him to Disneyland.

I thought we’d miss the big crowds going on a Monday. Except when that Monday falls during spring break. Whoops! There’s one thing I learned- don’t go during spring break! Here’s a few other tips I picked up.

  1. BRING SNACKS. I figured if you can’t bring your own snacks into a movie theater, no way could you bring them into Disneyland. Turns out, you can! We should have brought a lot more snacks and water. It would have saved us an extra $50.  Next time, I suggest taking wine in your toddler’s sippy cup to hopefully pass as grape juice. Don’t act like none of y’all who’ve been to Disney didn’t wish you had a drink with you. 
  2. DON’T BRING A NICE STROLLER. You can’t bring your stroller into a lines for rides, so you basically park your stroller for a good hour. I couldn’t believe how many people just left their $700 strollers just sitting there for people to steal!
  3. BRING PATIENCE. You kid doesn’t have any, so someone has to be the level-headed one. Since you can’t have strollers in line, we had to hold Jace the entire 40 minute wait for Mickey’s Toon Town Car Ride. Jace is in that weird phase where he can’t stand up on his own, but he doesn’t want to be held. I’m not the most germ-freak mom out there, but no way i’m letting him crawl around the Disney floors.
  5. CHASE DOWN EVERY CHARACTER. The line to see Mickey was 60 minutes. So I just tried tracking down every character walking through the park. We had to make a mad sprint for Goofy on his way to his lunch break. It was probably Jace’s favorite moment. Oh, he he fall in love with Mary Poppins.
  6. INSTASTORY: If you’re not super tech savvy, this a feature on Instagram that allows you to post 15 second videos/pictures throughout your day without clogging up the Instagram feed. They disappear after 24 hours. At the end of the day, you can select the option “save story.” This will take all your pictures and videos from the day and save it in one long video. It’s great because now I have a 2 minute video of our trip that I didn’t have to edit. And now I can go delete the bazillion photos I took, because they’re all saved in one video to your phone. 
  7. THERE’S SOMETHING FOR EVERY AGE. I had so many people tell me Jace wouldn’t enjoy it. “He’s too young.” That’s not true at all! Look at this face, and tell me he didn’t have the time of his life on the teacups!!!  Listen, there will be tears. There will be meltdowns. It happens even at the Happiest Place on Earth. But you also get these great moments. It was well worth the meltdown and the emergency pit stop in Chinatown on the way back home to clean up a blowout diaper.



22 thoughts on “What I learned on our first trip to Disneyland”

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