Told y’all I’d write about wine

So I promised a post about wine. Plus I figured with today’s political climate, we could all use a little vino.

A little background, in my mind I consider myself an uncertified sommelier. In reality, I just love wine, and it’s a great excuse to my husband for why I need to take an annual trip to Napa. This blog is really just an excuse for me to do “research” on my favorite wines as well. What kinds of wine do I like? I’m an equal-opportunity consumer. There’s not much I really dislike, except one- an oaked chardonnay. I just can’t.

Depending on the day, I could do a bold, peppery Cabernet. I love a great Tempranillo. Or on a hot day, I love to open a crisp Sauv Blanc. My favorite though- something that’s good and inexpensive! So that’s what I’m going to write about (hopefully weekly), my favorite inexpensive, delicious finds. Listen, at the rate I go through a this stuff, I can’t afford to spend more than $20 a bottle. Sure, I love a good Silver Oak or Caymus, but that’s not your daily “my-kid- has-driven-me-up-a-wall, is-it -5:00 yet? No- it’s-only-4:00. Oh- well, I-need-it” kind of wine.

This first post I’ll introduce you to my favorite winery.


My best friend Meredith and I stumbled across it on one of our many trips to Napa. Now we make it a point to visit every trip. We’re also both wine club members there.

I have yet to find a bottle there I don’t like. Seriously, everything they make is so good. And, you won’t spend a fortune. Of course they’ve got some expensive stuff (that’s usually the stuff Meredith buys), but they’ve got some great bottles for $25.

2014_Peju_SauvignonBlancThis is their Sauv Blanc. It’s fantastic! It’s so good that last time I went to the winery it was sold out. It’s about $25, and you can find it at Total Wines. I can’t find Peju at too many places, but Total Wines usually carries a couple bottles.

One of my other favorite wines at Peju is very unique to their winery. It’s Provence. I like to call it my “tailgate” wine. It’s a light red/wine blend served chilled.


This is the perfect wine to serve to someone who it not your typical wine-lover. It sounds a little girly, but I went to Peju with three men one time, and all of them purchased Provence.

If you like a bold red, I suggest their Cabernet, Petit Verdot or their Fifty-Fifty. They’re going to be a bit more pricey, but they are fantastic. You can find their cabs at Total Wines and More.

Last year (after my fifth trip to the winery), I finally decided to join their wine club. A little story for you- I was 34 weeks pregnant at the time and was there for Meredith’s bachelorette party. (That alone deserved a reward). I decided that since I had saved my family hundreds of dollars on wine throughout my pregnancy, I deserved quarterly shipments to my doorstep. (not to mention, I grew a human in my belly, so I deserve whatever I want). Some women get diamonds for their “push presents”. I got a wine membership. I win.

I joined because it’s an awesome deal. I get three bottles that aren’t sold online or at the winery. They range from $30-$50 dollars. And they have yet to send me something I don’t love. Seriously, everything they produce is great. Plus, I get free tastings whenever I’m there. The only problem is that I can’t keep wine just sitting at the house. Some of these bottles are nice and are meant to be shared with friends on a special occasion. I end up downing them after a rough day at work when I realize the liquor store is closed. Which is why I won’t ever be able to have a nice wine collection.

Lastly, if you get a chance to go to Napa, go visit Peju. It’s a beautiful, family owned site. It’s a great deal- only $25 for the tasting and they comp it when you buy two bottle. When you’re there, as for the “Napa Rapper”. He’s an older guy that describes the wines by rapping. Here’s a little video from one of my trips there.



I hope you enjoy! If you have any suggestions on wines, please post in comments. I’m always looking for some “research”. Now that I have a blog, that’s what I call it.



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