So your kid is a “climber”?

I’m at the gym yesterday sharing my eventful, soap-filled morning to my friend. Jace had climbed onto the dryer and into the top cabinets where I store the laundry detergent. I walked in to find him covered in soap, the washer started, and Tide all over the room. I wasn’t even finished with my first cup of coffee yet.



My friend says to me, “So Jace is a climber?” There are many labels that define my son, but there isn’t a word that more appropriate describes my child. If you’ve got a “climber”, my sympathies go out to you. I tried every trick in the book to get him to quit climbing out of the crib, and nothing worked. He eventually started flipping out of the crib with his sleep suit still on. At that point, I was afraid he would break his neck, and so we transitioned back to the big boy bed.


Yes, we tried it one night a couple weeks ago, and it was horrible, so we gave up. Now I had no choice. It’s been a… process. (That’s really the only word I can use without cussing). I’ve completely child-proofed the room. I took out the bookshelves, removed any lotions, medicines, etc. I put a child lock on the door so he can’t escape. My kid is safe, but he’s still not sleeping.


Two nights ago he was up at 4:30 AM, and didn’t go back to sleep. Last night he was up between 2:30-4:00, but eventually went back down until 6:30.  I’ve tried talking to him through the monitor to go back to sleep. That worked for two days. Now he just pulls the monitor off the wall. Sometimes I just leave him in there until he falls asleep on the floor. Other times I’ll sleep on the floor next to him. Aren’t you tired kid???? Because I’m freaking exhausted!

Back to that conversation with my friend at the gym. She tell her son is almost three and has never attempted to crawl out of the crib. WTF??? Jace has climbed on top of everything in our house, even on the outside of the serial staircase. The only thing he doesn’t climb on is the $100 climbing wall Santa brought him for Christmas!! Again, WTF??

Were any of your kids climbers? At what point did they stop finding it cool? I’m just trying to plan out how many cases of wine I need stored in my fridge.

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