Sheesh, it’s been a long week…

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. But man, this has been one hell of a week. It’s a good thing that we’ve been so busy, but it sure doesn’t make things easy around here when you’ve got a tiny human to take care of. Here’s a peek into our mess of a schedule:

Sunday: Mario was in Connecticut for a big tennis tournament with the team. He was supposed to be home by Monday night, because that’s when I had to fly out to Auburn to cover a basketball game. A snow storm decided to put a wrinkle in all that. They cancelled all the flights out of Hartford until Tuesday. OK….so now who is supposed to be here to watch the kid? Should I take him all the way to the east coast and find a sitter there? That sounds miserable. Do I just buy my mom a last minute flight? That was well over $600. I called Mario hysterically crying and told him I was sending him divorce papers if he didn’t find a way to get back by Monday night. (Yes, I know this sound ridiculous, but again, we are in charge of keeping a tiny human alive.) But it worked! He made it back thanks to American Airlines finding some open seats out of JFK.

Monday: Mario flew back home from NYC. I flew out to Atlanta. We just missed each other in the airport. At that point it had been 5 days since I’d seen my husband, what was just a few more.

Tuesday: Basketball game at Auburn. I also found out I was getting to cover Kentucky/Georgia game for ESPN this coming Saturday! Sweet!!! oh wait, Mario’s going to Europe. Who’s going to watch the kid?

Wednesday: Fly from ATL—>LAX. Start figuring out how I’m going to get back to Atlanta in two days…. My mom is still recovering from the flu that Jace gave her last time he was there. Next best option was getting my sitter to stay here over the week. It costs an arm and a leg, but sometimes that’s the only option. I can use it as a tax deduction, right?

Thursday: Today’s my one day at home to hang out w Jace, do laundry, go grocery shopping, clean the house, and all that Jazz. American Airlines calls to say there’s a ginormous rain storm coming through on Friday, and they need to book me on an earlier flight. Lovely. Why do I pay so much to live here again? Once again our sitter comes to the rescue and says she can get here early.

A look at what’s ahead the next few weeks: Hoops at Georgia, hoops at Baylor, Mario in Europe, Mario in Arizona. A possible appointment with a therapist to keep myself from threatening divorce on my husband next time there’s a flight cancellation.  (oh, and if you’re some creepo reading this trying to figure out when we are home and not home, I’ve got a security alarm, a dog, and I’m from Texas-  if you get what I mean…)

So in the meantime, I’ve just let my entire house become a disaster. My refrigerator has apple juice, an old bag of spinach, condiments, and some cheese. My floors haven’t been cleaned in God knows when. I’ve just resorted to letting the dog clean up after Jace’s mealtimes. (I know every parent out there with a dog does this too. Don’t judge.) The laundry I did last week is still sitting in the hamper waiting to be hung up. Oh, and the worst part: my Christmas tree is still up.


32 thoughts on “Sheesh, it’s been a long week…

  1. The best part of this was when you said on Tues that “you were getting to cover Kentucky/Georgia game”
    Remember, that is your dream job!! And you are doing just fine with Jace. He is happy and healthy and Mario surely understands because he also has a dream job! It will all work out. Just breath!

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