School update: still screaming

It’s been three days, and the drop-offs haven’t gotten any easier. He’s fine when we get out of the car. He’s fine as we walk to school. But the moment the teacher pulls him into the classroom, and I’m forced to leave, he has a fit. The whole process is very rushed. The teachers don’t want us to walk them in and say goodbye. They just take him and whisk him away. It’s very jarring. But they’ve done this a lot more than I have, so I’ll let them be the experts. How long did it take your little ones to not cry? I know he’s having fun! They send me pictures, and he’s happy when I pick him up.


My fear of the no-napping is gone. The first day I literally had to wake him up to leave. He was passed out for two hours. Today he only napped for 45 minutes. I keep telling myself it’s because he’s having so much fun. (eye roll). At least he’s not running around and waking up all the kids.

We’ll see how it goes next week. I’m sure it’ll get better each day. I’m comforted by the fact that all the other kids his age are crying too. Guess you just have to rip the band-aid off!

Also, my next post will be kid-free. I get a lot of questions about make-up/beauty products I use. That’ll be tomorrow (hopefully). I’m on a flight to Charlottesville right now to cover UVa/UConn this weekend.

73 thoughts on “School update: still screaming

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