Purdue: Triple Cheeseburger & Bruno Dough

I get asked a lot about my work trips, where I’ve been and what each college town is like. I take my travels for granted. Most of you have never been to some of these smaller college towns. So I’m making a promise that I’m going to do a better job of bring you all there with me. If you follow me on Instagram, I post stories through the day. But I’m going to get better about linking the places and restaurants on my blog.

We don’t have much free time outside work, but we can always make free time for local food. That’s one of the best (and worst if you asked my diet) part of traveling. We get to try the yummy local shops. I’ve racked up some all time favorites: my breakfast spot in Pullman, Washington. A sushi restaurant in Seattle. A crepery in Auburn. My lunch spot in Austin. One day I’ll sit down and wrote my list of favorites around the country. But this post is about Purdue.

IMG_0122Lunch: Triple XXX Family Restaurant  This is a local diner with AMAZING burgers. I’m not usually a burger person, but that day I ordered a triple cheeseburger with onions and fried mushrooms. My coworker Jason tried the famous peanut butter burger THE DUANE PURVIS ALL AMERICAN. Yup, peanut butter. It was actually really good.

DINNER: As if the triple cheeseburger wasn’t enough, we decided to get pizza at Bruno’s. The owner of the restaurant has been collecting Purdue memorabilia since he was a child, and it’s hanging all over the place. You can spend hours just looking at all of it. As for the food, I got a salad. HA! But I also ordered their famous Bruno’s Dough. It’s basically a ball of friend dough amazinness. That’s my elite food description.

We also got to ride their mascot- The Boilermaker Special around campus. First time I’ve taken a train to the stadium!IMG_0121

Overall, great trip to West Lafayette! Next stop: Durham, North Carolina. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way!


121 thoughts on “Purdue: Triple Cheeseburger & Bruno Dough

    1. Hey Shannon, sorry for the late response! One of my fav coffee shops is there- Radina’s. There’s a coffee locations. And for a nicer restaurant, try Harrys.

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