Play by play flying with toddler

Flight #17.

Jace turned 11 months today, and he’s already been on 17 flights . Unfortunately as a lap child he doesn’t earn miles, otherwise he’d been platinum on AA.

I have a basketball game in Arkansas, so I made a layover in Dallas so Jace could spend some time with the grandparents. Mimi and Big Papi are having serious FOMO with Jace. (Mom and dad, since I know you’re reading this, FOMO means Fear of Missing Out).

Last week I shared how we make our crazy travel schedule work. Since I’m in sports, I thought I’d give you a little play by play of how our travel day goes down.

6:00- Wake up, take shower and eat breakfast before Jace wakes up. Finish any last minute packing.

7:00- Jace wakes up. Change clothes and feed him

8:05- Out the door, only 5 minutes behind schedule, 3rd cup of coffee in hand, and hit the road. (Flight is at 11:30)

8:55- Not even halfway to LAX. I call my husband and complain about LA traffic for the 24843567th time.

9:47- Arrive at airport. Took 1 hour and 47 minutes. It was raining in LA, which is a phenomenon to Cali drivers.

10:25- Thank God for TSA precheck. We checked a bag and got through security in less than 20 min. Here’s a check list of our luggage: my work bag, my suitcase, Jace’s diaper bag, Jace’s backpack w clothes, stroller. Travel necessity: humor and patience.

11:02- Board flight.

11:23- The man in the middle seat next to us sits down. You can see the fear in his eyes. It’s like he knows he walking into a war zone. He searches the rest of the plane frantically, but it’s the only seat left. He’s stuck.

11:24: Fellow passenger pulls out a Dunkin Donuts bag which Jace immediately goes after.

11:32- Flight should have taken off by now, but we’re still at the gate.

11:33- Contemplating ordering wine when the beverage service starts.

11:35- Jace has decided he wants his voice to be heard by the folks in the back row. I immediately shoved a bottle in his mouth.

11:40- Jace has finished his bottle and we haven’t taken off yet.  This has ruined all plans of getting him to fall asleep during take off.

11:48- Take off.

11:53- Jace falls asleep. Someone out there in the heavens feels sorry for me.

12:40- Beverage service comes by. I order a diet coke. I immediately regret this decision. Try holding a coke and a 21 lb sleeping toddler. It’s like holding a bomb that is about to explode at any second. Movement could result in suicide.

1:42: Jace wakes up. Two hour nap! But one hour to go…

1:45- Jace starts banging on the window

1:46- Jace is making spit bubbles with his tongue

1:47- Jace has a dirty diaper.

1:52- For the sake of our seat mates, I decided to change diaper. Flight is going through turbulence, but we attempt it anyways. I’ll spare the details, but we made it out of the bathroom without having to reach for our second outfit in the diaper bag. Success.


1:55-rest of flight: I attempt to feed Jace the rest of the snacks left in our bag.

4:32 (central time): We land. Everyone survived. The guy in the middle seat was touch and go for a moment, but he survived too.

4:33: I look down at the floor. Combination of cheese puffs, yogurt melts, spilled diet coke. Make mental note to apologize to the flight attendant.

4:35: Grab bags and stroller, leave security, and hand Jace off to Mimi and Big Papi waiting outside.

4:45- back through security, and race off to next flight.

4:57- Using the spare ten minutes before boarding to down a beer at the airport bar.

5:10- Boarding flight for Fayetteville. Flight attendant asks, “Where’s the infant on your boarding pass?” “I dropped him off on the side of the road.” Boards plane.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat on Wednesday.



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