Our Trader Joe’s go-to items

If you’re ever met my husband, you know he’s a creature of habit. Our grocery bill is the exact same every week. We go to Trader Joe’s, and come back with the same four bags of groceries every Sunday. Have you noticed at TJ’s they can fit a month’s worth of groceries into two bags?  The only change in our weekly list is if I need two or three bottles of wine that week. So I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of our go-to items at Trader Joe’s.
I’m going to start with my favorite- Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole. Full disclosure: I actually don’t buy this that often anymore because I tend to eat the entire container in one day. And while it is reduced-guilt, it’s not “don’t-feel-guilty-about-eating-the-entire-jar-in one-sitting.” I eat it with their spicy flaxseed chips. Ugh, now I wish I had some in my fridge.

 Here’s a healthier alternative Mediterranean Hummus. It’s got pine nuts and other yummy stuff on the top. I eat this with carrots and broccoli.

That’s the other great part of Trader Joe’s. They’ve got perfect sized veggie packs. We get these Butternut Squash Zig Zags.

They are perfect for Jace or for a healthy snack. I throw them in the oven with some cinnamon and a little scoop of butter. I make them for the week and then serve them to Jace for lunch. He doesn’t eat many veggies, but he loves these. Maybe because they look like french fries!

I found these Chicken Burrito Bowls are great for me to take to work when I have to work in the studio. They’re basically a healthy frozen Chipotle bowl with quinoa instead of rice. Four minutes in the microwave, and you’re done. I throw some lime juice and salsa on it for an extra kick.

My husband loves to snack on kettle chips. I don’t use the term “love” lightly. He could finish a bag in one sitting, and then look at me and say “Hey, you eat some of my chips?”
So sometimes I switch out for these Plantain Chips. It gives him the salty satisfaction without the fried chips.  Don’t fool yourself, these are usually gone in one sitting as well.



That takes me to my final, and most addictive purchase.
These Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups come in a large tub, or you can get these little bags for $.99 . I buy the little bags and hide them in my car. My husband used to tell me “Oh, I don’t want those. I don’t like dark chocolate.” Then I would notice the whole freaking bag would be gone. So I hide them in my car for when my sweet attacks take over.

Other go-to items: frozen turkey burgers, dark chocolate and coconut covered almonds, strawberry bars, bone-in pork chops, whole-wheat pita bread, apple crisp chips.

Now, there are two items that Trader Joe’s is famous for that I do not like. The first is Charles Shaw Wine. Or Two-Buck Chuck as it’s commonly known. I love wine, and it should not cost $2. You get what you pay for in that bottle, and it’s not good. Second item is cookie butter. I have never tried it, but I have convinced myself it’s disgusting. Why? Because I’m afraid if I try it, it’ll end up like the empty jar of guac sitting in my trash after one sitting. It’s just better off if I think it tastes gross.

What are you favorite things at TJ? There’s so many things I’ve wanted to try there, but haven’t thrown them in the cart yet.

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