Our Life with Landyn

I wanted to title this blog post Living With Landyn, but thought I might get sued by my favorite blogger. If you didn’t get the joke, just move right along.

We have finally crawled out of the weeds of raising a toddler and a newborn. Well, crawled out enough to whip out a blog post. I’m sure we will be right back in the thick of it tomorrow. I realized I never properly introduced you to the wonderfulness of our newborn baby girl! Landyn Lee Toledo. She is such a gem! I’m serious. If she were a miserable, colicky baby you know I’d tell you the truth. But she is the sweetest, calmest little baby there ever was. I fully think God knew we were up to our ears in testosterone and defiance with Jace, so He blessed us with an easy baby.  She’s a good eater (97% in weight). A good sleeper. She doesn’t cry. She doesn’t spit up. And she smiles all the time. I realize that by putting this out into the universe, I am setting myself up for miserable teenage years.


Even though she is sweet and incredibly low maintenance, she has rocked Jace’s world, for the good and the bad. At the beginning, he was obsessed with her. He ran into the hospital room shouting “Baby sister, I’ll take care of you!” That love quickly turned into jealousy. Mario and I did everything the books and experts say to do. We gave him a “present” from his sister the day she was born. We made special one-on-one playtime with him. We did it all. But no matter how much attention you give the first one, they still experience jealousy. When I fed her, he wanted a bottle. When I held her, he demanded I pick him up. There was one time when I was trying to get her to sleep, he looked at me, dropped his cup and said “Mommy, pick that up!” Ummmm, no bro. The jealousy comes in waves. Some days he’s the sweetest with her. Some days he wasn’t nothing to do with her. It’s a work in progress.


Landyn is so easy going that sometimes she almost gets forgotten. She’ll just sit there laughing in her bouncer without a fuss. Meanwhile, I’m making 7 difference meals for Jace, trying to get him potty-trained (no luck on that front), playing cars and monster trucks, and negotiating bedtime. By the end of it, I look over and she still just bouncing away. With that said, I’m looking forward to Jace going back to school so I can spend more one-on-one time with her.

With your first, you get to soak up all the little baby moments. The first smiles, the little toes, the smell, all the little baby things. The second you are so busy trying to survive, that you miss the newborn moments. Heck, Mario and I even missed the first time she rolled over. We were playing cars with Jace. Landyn was working on tummy time, and we looked over and said “ummm, did we miss something?” Second child syndrome.


So that’s where we are now. Landyn is almost five-months-old. Sleeping 9 hour stretches at night. Wanting to eat ALL THE TIME. And just the sweetest little momma on the planet. Oh ya, and she came to Omaha with us for the College World Series!

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