Not your ordinary packing tips

Hey y’all. I’m the worst blogger. Has it been two weeks since my last post? Geez. I’ve been traveling a bunch. That’s my excuse. It’s also my next post- packing tips.  But it’s not your ordinary ones.

For my job there’s two types of trips I take: there are long 10 day baseball road trips, or the shorter three-day football/basketball trips. Obviously the 10 day trips are a completely different bear to tackle. So these tips are for your shorter, more frequent trips.

During football season, I leave on Thursday and come back either Saturday or Sunday. When I get home, I throw my suitcase in the guest room. It stays there until I leave on Thursday. I wash the clothes in the suitcase, and then throw them right back in. Same workout clothes, same pajamas, same casual clothes. Other than my on-air clothes, the rest of my travel clothes stay the same. If you’ve ever seen me on a flight, I wear the same thing every time- flannel shirt, jeans and Chucks. And let’s be honest, a lot of times I just keep the same workout clothes in the suitcase, because they didn’t get used on the last trip.

To prevent leaving anything behind, I basically have two of everything: toothbrush, hair brush, deodorant, etc. I even have a second cell phone charger. All those items don’t leave the suitcase.

Random items I bring with me:

Metal paper clip.


My old baseball analyst taught me this one. This is to pin the curtains in a hotel room together. I hate when you’ve got a street light shining right through the crack of the curtains. This is the perfect fix. Or a clothes pin.

Cheap travel steamer:


The one I have is from Amazon. I’ve ruined tons of clothes using cheap hotel irons. This was like $19, and well worth it.

Luna Bars. Lots of them.


This is my go-to travel snack. I keep about five of them in my bag. There are times when I’m starving and running to catch a flight. Instead of spending $10 on a snack box on the plane or fast food at the airport, this (or two of them) will hold me over until I land.

These last two won’t apply to most other people. Hand warmers and umbrella


I obviously check the weather before I leave each week, but by October you can assume most places you go will be cold or windy. These two items stay in my suitcase. Maybe I’ll do a blog about the stuff I pack if I know it’s raining at my football game. Thats a bunch of random items too.

That’s about it! If you’ve got any fun travel tips- leave them in a comment below. I’m also on the lookout for a new suitcase. Does anyone have a good, inexpensive suitcase you love?





66 thoughts on “Not your ordinary packing tips

  1. Empty water bottle… to refill, ad infinitum, in the hotel gym (no workout clothes required! Lol). Free samples of makeup/skincare products instead of the full size (sometimes I put small amounts of the real deal in contact lens containers if I’m out of samples). (I also make use of birchbox-type samples this way… otherwise, I would never try them!) Shoe bags (I’ve found them at BB&B, Kate Spade, and in a stroke of forward-looking genius, the fabric packaging sacks that come with Restoration Hardware bedding) to protect(a) shoes from scuffs and (b) other things from shoe soles. Great suitcases: I swear by the Swiss Gear line at Target. Right now they have a carry-on sized roller/duffle that is perfect for a 2- or 3-day trip. I think all of the sizes come with a spillproof ditty bag that’s perfect for makeup/toiletries. The bigger suitcase is just right for a week-long trip, but it’s not so big that people will mistake you as a college kid en route to studying abroad. 😉

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