My weekend wine pick

Warning. This is going to sound like I’m throwing my husband under the bus, but it’s really a compliment. Mario’s not the best creative gift-giver. For the most part, I tell him what I want for my birthday, usually Lululemon, we go to the store, he buys it, and that’s it. It doesn’t even get wrapped. I obviously didn’t marry him for his romanticism.

But two years ago, he surprised me with an awesome gift- a year subscription to Wine Spectator. Let’s be honest, he probably got it for free somehow. But whatever, it ended up being a great idea for a present.

In one of the issues, they listed the top wines under $20. They were all random, boutique wines. So they can be hard to find. I keep a list in my phone and try to find them whenever I’m at a different store. I finally found one last week at Vons of all places.



It’s Acrobat Pinot Noir from Oregon. I think with the Vons card it was $17.99. It’s fabulous. It’s very smooth with hints of raspberries and chocolate. If you like a wine with a soft finish and not too strong tannins, this is a great pick.  If you’ve got a BevMo near you, I think you can find it there.

Oh, and if you love wine and like reading about wine, ask for a subscription to Wine Spectator. It’s got great articles, and once you’re done they make great coffee table decorations.


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