My son- the human relay baton

It’s been a week since my last post, and dang,  I just needed some time to decompress from the anxiety  I had over the weekend.

I’ve mentioned before several times when my husband and I both travel for work events, I make a layover at DFW and drop Jace with my parents. Thank God for grandparents. They’re literally life-savers. We had to do the same thing this past weekend, because I had an event in Arkansas and Mario had his conference tournament. We’ve been very lucky with travel, and I have never had an issue with dropping off Jace and making my connection. I usually put a 2-3 hour layover buffer for that reason. That was the case this past weekend, until mother nature decided to intervene and give me a full on panic attack.

With flooding and down pours, my flight back home from Fayetteville was cancelled on Saturday. That’s fine. My parents were happy to take the kid an extra night. So I’m rebooked on a flight out Sunday morning with 1.5 hour layover. That would have been fine. Until the airline realized last minute that the plane needed an oil change. So we are taking off an hour late. That leaves me 25 minutes to leave security, change terminals, grab Jace, go back through security, run to my gate. Picture this also- I’ve got Jace in the stroller, my suitcase, my purse, and Jace’s diaper bag. My apologies to everyone in terminal A that I flat out ran over.

My mom met me at the front of TSA precheck with the kid in tow. I literally grabbed him like a baton on the 4×100 relay race and sprinted through security and onto my gate. I think Jace thought we were smuggling him to Mexico. Luckily, our flight was delayed a couple minutes, otherwise I would have missed it. Thank you to our flight attendant who felt bad for me and comped me a bottle of wine on the plane!!

Jace at the Dodgers game

Part of my anxiety was that we also had tickets Sunday afternoon for the Dodgers game. it was going to be Jace’s first baseball game. I promised him we would make it there. Ya, I know he doesn’t know what a promise is, or even who the heck the Dodgers are, but hot damn, this flight fiasco was not going to mess up our plans! So Mario met us at LAX, we rushed over to Dodger Stadium just in time to see the final three outs. It was totally worth it to see this expression. He was mesmerized.

A special thank you to my parents for making this whole thing work out, the flight attendant for the much-needed alcohol, and the lady in 30A to let Jace sit on her lap and look out the window.

OhIMG_0094.JPG, and one last thing. I got a lot of responses about some of the things I do to occupy Jace on the flight. I went to the Dollar Store the night before and picked up a few goodies. This one was a big hit. It’s a medicine container. Jace loves opening and closing the lids. I put goldfish in each of the compartments too. My old babysitter suggested bringing a box of bandaids next time. That apparently entertains for a while. I’m going to try that next time and let you know.

Thanks for reading (and hopefully laughing) at our crazy lives. Hopefully we won’t be back on a plane again for a couple weeks. Momma needs a break, and a Bloody Mary.


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