My Mother’s Day Wish List

Last year was my first Mother’s Day as a mom. I failed and didn’t tell my husband what I wanted from our then 8-week old son. It’s like Santa. If your don’t tell him, your not getting anything. That resulted in 50% off flowers and card the day AFTER Mother’s Day. So this year I’m putting in print. I’m also putting Amazon links on them. With the Prime honey, they’ll be here just in time.

  1. Sleep (That’s the obvious one.)
  2. A maid and/or chef (That’s one of those “I’m kidding, but not really kidding” requests)
  3. Cordless Dyson
  4. Roomba
  5. Round Pond Cabernet- (babe, you can’t order this on Amazon, so I’ve included a picture to help find it. Don’t be cheap. Buy a case.)Unknown
  6.   Lululemon Align Pants
  7.  Did I put sleep on this list?
  8. Apple Watch
  9. King Size Mattress (please don’t pick this one out on your own)
  10.  An entire day where I’m not wearing one of the three P’s. (Pee, Poop, Puke).
  11.  For someone to magically teach our son not to throw his food all over the floor. (Or the Dyson to suck it all up)
  12. Passes to Orangetheory Fitness
  13.  Botox (my next appointment isn’t for another month)
  14. Sleep, which may actually help prevent having to buy item No. 13

Thanks babe! You’re the best.

Oh, and sidenote. How lame is it that 2 of the 14 items I listed are some form of vacuum?





119 thoughts on “My Mother’s Day Wish List

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