My last weekend before football season, and our trip to the Stockyards

Let me start out by saying: I love my job. I’m at a college football game every weekend. Not mention there’s also college basketball and college baseball. It’s the best. I love every moment of it. By June, I’ve already started counting down the weekends until the season starts. But it does come with its downfalls, like never being home on the weekend.

This is my final weekend at home with my family before the madness begins, and I plan on soaking up every minute of it. We’ve got playdates, splash pad, Chick-fil-A, grandparent time all scheduled in the next two days. Got to get that time in when I can!

Last weekend we spent the day at the Fort Worth Stockyards. If you’re ever in DFW with your kids (or you just like animals), it’s such a fun thing to do. We watched the longhorns parade down the street. Jace took his first pony ride. It was a major success. I was afraid he’d pull the pony’s hair and go flying off. But he loved it! There’s also train rides and a petting zoo. I think my husband had more fun feeding the goats than Jace did. Here’s a few pictures from our adventure.

I will say, the older Jace gets, the harder it gets to leave. I thought it would be the opposite. I had this conversation with one of our play-by-play announcers Tom Hart. I told him how hard it was to leave when Jace was an infant because he changed so much in the three days I was gone. Tom told me something I’ve never forgot. “Kris, right now Jace doesn’t realize that you’re gone. One day he will. Then he will say to you ‘Mom, why are you leaving?’ That’s when it’s really hard.” That’s a tough concept to swallow.

They’ll be a time when Jace has football or baseball games on the weekend, and I won’t always be able to be there. I’m sure I’ll miss a bunch of choir concerts and PTA meetings. I’m ok with the idea that I won’t be there for everything. Momma has work buddy! Then again, Jace also can’t say to me “Momma, why are you leaving?” We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

So for now, I’m enjoying every minute I’m home this weekend. I’m also headed to a model home auction to find some stuff for our house. Hopefully I’ll have some goodies to post up here tomorrow! My mom is the queen of home furnishing auctions.

Also, I can’t complain. My schedule is nothing compared to what baseball announcers/reporters go through!!




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