My fav kitchen item: Wine wand

Warning. This is totally a 21st century problem. But some of my go-to white wines are not sold in the refrigerator section. Which means I have to come home and wait an hour while the bottle sits in the freezer. Or I say, the heck with it, and just throw a couple of ice cubes in the glass.

But then some genius invented this:

William Sonoma Wine Chilling Wands

These are wine chilling wands. Ours are from William Sonoma.

You can see them here

Someone got them for us for a wedding gift, and it’s easily the most used gift we received. (Besides the Dyson).

They stay in your freezer until you’re ready to pour yourself a glass. You let it sit in the glass for a few minutes, and viola! I also use it in my red wines. I like my reds just a tad chilled, so I throw that thing in there for a minute or so.

BTW, I’m not in any way endorsed by a company or receive any money for sharing this. I thought I’d just share some of my favorite things on here. (Now if someone wants to send me some free stuff, I probably won’t throw it away…JK!).

It’s Sunday afternoon, so I hope y’all are enjoying social sparkler (in the words of Mark ‘Mudcat’ Grant) somewhere fun!


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