My Do’s/Don’ts for you 1st year of marriage with a baby

Today is Mario and I’s three year anniversary. Woah. Between the two moves (one cross-country), four jobs and a kid we’ve had during that stretch, it seems like it’s been a lot longer. Mario- if you’re reading this, I’m totally kidding. It seems like it’s flown by….. (Ya right).

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This year has certainly been the most challenging. Whoever had the idea that having a kid would bring you and your partner closer together must have stayed above the border in the delivery room.


So in honor of surviving a year of marriage with a kid, I thought I would share my do’s and don’ts.

  • DON’T let the lack of sleep turn you two against each other. That 8 oz little alarm clock will try to break you. Together you will win.
  • DO practice swaddling an octopus. Find all loose floor boards. Practice sleeping with the vacuum next your bed.
  • DON’T text your wife while she’s on the plane- “Can you do the dishes next time before you go out of town?”
  • DO threaten divorce papers if he actually makes that comment ever again.
  • DON’T forget birthday, anniversary, and Mother’s/Father’s Day all in one year.
  • DO set an alarm reminder to never receive the wrath of such incidents listed above.
  • DON’T keep score of the number of times you’ve been pooed, peed, or puked on.
  • DO tell your husband/wife if there’s a little leftover in your hair. It happens. You get numb to the smell.
  • DO offer to split the middle of the night feedings and changings
  • DON’T be surprised if you husband can magically sleep through your baby crying on the monitor.
  • DON’T eat Chick-fil-A in the delivery room while your wife is in labor. Also, don’t shower and shave because you wanted to look nice for the pictures. She just pushed out a child. you should have to look equally as horrendous.
  • DON’T take it out on your husband when the epidural wears off. He’s not the only one responsible for getting you into this situation.
  • AND lastly, DON’T be cheap, and DO get a babysitter for date night. This was the one piece of advice my parents gave me. Make time for each other. Try to go on a date once a week. They did this, and they’re celebrating their 40th next month! With our travel schedules, this isn’t always feasible for us. But we try and make it happen whenever we can. Oh, and while you’re out to dinner, try and talk about something other than the kids.

Happy Anniversary Mario! (Don’t worry guys, he didn’t forget this year)


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