My Christmas gift guide for Jace and family

Hi everyone. I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season. I thought I’d try to sneak in a blog post before things get crazy with bowl season.
You’ve got one week left to do your Christmas shopping. If you’re trying to figure out what to get everyone on your list, here’s my holiday gift guide.

Santa is bringing him this Monkey Bar climbing thing. The kid likes to climb on anything and everythiUnknownng in our house. He should love this, and will hopefully prevent him from breaking anymore furniture. I got it on Amazon, and it came with a video tutorial. Wish Santa good luck when he (or she) is trying to put it together Christmas Eve night.

I’m also getting him this new book  A Little Radical. It teaches kids their ABCs and life lessons through each letter. I’m so excited to get this! Unknown-3.jpeg

Besides the stockings, this is the only present we (I mean Santa) is getting him. The grandparents, aunts and uncles will spoil him. Mimi and Papi are getting him a car, and nothing will top that. So I’m taking any extra money we would spend and putting it in his college fund. We do this a lot with our cousins. Instead of buying a $25 toy that they’ll forget about in two weeks, we put money into a saving account. My parents did this when we were younger. They would gift stocks. It doesn’t sound very exciting, but when that kid turns 18 and he/she has some stocks they didn’t know about, that day will be real exciting.
But if you’re looking for toys, here’s some other items we thought Jace would like:
Radio Flyer Scooter– Jace is getting this from his aunt Hayley
Teepee– my parents got this for Jace last year and he still loves it.

Fold up slide – I love this because it’s hours of entertainment, and when you’re not using it, it folds up to put away. So if you don’t have a lot of room in your yard, this is greta.

Mario and Dad:
My husband always says “I don’t need anything”. Mainly because he doesn’t want me spending anymore money. Him and I are doing a small Christmas for each other because we’ve bought so much stuff for the house recently. My dad is the hardest to shop for. He reads this blog, so I can’t tell you what I got him. But below are a list of things he or Mario would like:
Beats wireless– I got these for Mario last year, and he uses them everyday.
Man crates– I think this is such a great idea, especially if you have a guy who likes to grill.
Bluetooth grill thermometer my dad will tell you this is the best gift ever. He has one of these in a different brand, and loves it. This one connects to an app on your phone.

TUMI backpack– If you have a guy who travels a lot, this TUMI backpack is a game-changer. I got one for myself for Christmas in a ladies version. (Yes, I already started using it. Santa brought it early). I’m obsessed with mine. My back feels so much better lugging around my work stuff everyday.  The TUMI outlet also has amazing deals. 222681HK2_main_T
Away suitcase– speaking of travel necessities I’m obsessed with this suitcase, and I don’t even have one. It has a phone charger on the suitcase!

And finally, or the women in your life:
Dyson vacuum– THIS IS MY GIFT! When did I get to this point that I’m this excited about a vacuum.
Dyson hair dryer– ok, this is a bit pricey. But people I know who use it swear by this thing. They say it dries your hair in 2 minutes.

Kendra Scott- She has beautiful jewelry. I buy this as gifts a bunch. I wear a lot of her jewelry on air as well. These are the hoops I’m wishing for.

Orangetheory or Soulcycle gift cards- you can ever go wrong with workout cards. especially since classes have gotten so expensive. I LOVE this idea.
Lululemon align pants– go ahead and spend the money on these. Every pair of lulu pants I have had lasted 5 years.

Lululemon zip up– I’ve got this in a couple different colors as well. Love, love, love.



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