More than I could ever imagine

Last week I sat here on my couch, just like I’m doing now, and poured my emotions onto this keyboard. If you haven’t read the post, I opened up about my fears of becoming  mom and how it would affect my career. I never imagined it would have exploded the way that it has. Even US Weekly reached out to write an article about it. IMG_0114 (1)

So THANK YOU!!! Thank you to everyone to read it, shared it, tweeted it. Thank you to everyone who commented and reached out to me. I have had more than a hundred women reach out and tell me they feel or felt the same way about starting a family. I was shocked by that. I thought people would find my post vain. Especially those of you who are not in the tv business. But instead, I got so many messages from women saying they have the same fears. It wasn’t just women in tv. It was teachers, lawyers, and doctors. I’m so happy we were all to start a conversation. Our desires to start a family should not hold us back in our careers. We can have both.

I was so thrilled with the impact the post has had. But then I read today about Victoria Azarenka. She might have to pull out of the US Open because of a reported custody battle with her son’s father. The judge will not allow her to travel with her son. So she has to choose- work or her child. That shouldn’t happen. For as scared as I was to start a family, I can’t imagine what it’s like for a female athlete.

I also want to thank ESPN. I’ve had so many co-workers reach out saying how proud they were. Not going to lie, I was afraid how they would perceive it, but I got so much support. I know now that when its time for Baby #2, I won’t have the same fears I had before.

Ok, that’s enough heavy stuff! I need to get back to sharing our crazy life. Don’t worry, I’ll keep posting about my favorite wines and Jace’s rambunctiousness.

Thank you again!

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