Monday: Lake hangover & naked toddler

Geez Louise. Is it really only Monday?! I’m exhausted. We had a wonderful weekend out on the lake with my parents and friends- and no Jace. That doesn’t happen that often, so needless to say we took full advantage! We had a blast, but man, I’m paying for it today.  I’ve only got two more weekends left before football takes over, so I’ve trying to make the most of them. Although, next time I need to remind myself “more water, less wine.”

Who’s with me? Who looks forward to the weekend so they can relax, but ends up cramming as many activities in those two days? Then Monday comes, and you ‘re thinking “Dang, how it is only Monday? And why didn’t I relax like I would?” Then you promise yourself that next weekend, you’re going to be more lazy. Ya right!

On top of my Monday hangover, Jace has a terrible diaper rash. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the pictures, but it’s not pretty and very painful. So to help it heal, I let him go all day with no diaper on. Yep, my 17-month-old ran around my new house all day naked and peeing in every room. It was a complete disaster. Again, I’ll spare you the pictures. But I’ll leave it with this: my son has now discovered that boys can make their pee go in all difference directions. I’m also concerned that my dog is going to mark his territory on all the spots Jace peed. Or does that only happen when they smell other dog’s pee? “Siri- do dogs mark their territory over human pee?”

So cheers to Mondays. The Mondays when you’re supposed to be recharged from the weekend, but in reality you’re more tired than before the weekend began. Now i’m going to be lazy and watch the Bachelorette season finale.



126 thoughts on “Monday: Lake hangover & naked toddler

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