Mom guilt: My friend’s honest struggle

I knew when I started this blog that I didn’t want it to be all about me and my family. I wanted it to be a forum to showcase some of the other incredible women, men, moms and dads I know. And I know a TON! Entrepreneurs, inventors, foster moms, athletes, the list goes on.

Today I want to share with you a post from my good friend and former sorority sister Colleen Lotz. She is a guest writer for Kindness and Cursing. She’s a mom of two adorable littles and working in the tv business with me.


That’s Colleen on my right in our much younger, skinnier and cooler days.

She is usually the one you can rely on for a good dose of humor. Check out some of her old stuff, and you will be crying by the end of it. But yesterday, she shared a very honest look at mom guilt.

Read her post here

Go read it before you finish this post.

Colleen’s honesty got me thinking about #momguilt. Colleen’s guilt stems from being a working mom. I read her post and realized that I don’t have guilt for working so much. (Which is odd considering I’m out of town almost three days every week). But then I felt guilty for not feeling guilty! What?! Who does that? I guess I don’t feel working guilt because I know I have to work to put food on Jace’s high chair and to hopefully pay for his college education one day. With the CA state income tax and ridiculously high housing out here Lala land, Mario and I both have to work to provide for our family.

With that said, my guilt comes in different ways.

  1. Being on my phone too much around Jace
  2. Not feeding him enough vegetables
  3. Sometimes putting him to bed without a bath
  4. enjoying a glass (or two) of wine every night. Wait, I don’t feel guilty for that.
  5. Buying anything for myself
  6. Enjoying sleeping in a hotel during work trips
  7. Not being closer to grandparents, aunts, and uncles.
  8. Not buying him enough toys
  9. Buying too many toys when all he does it play in the boxes they came in.

We all have some sort of mom guilt. And I think that’s ok. It’s a reminder that were all just striving to be better moms. As long as your guilt is self-imposed, and not from some social media, egg-avatar moron.

Thank you Col for your honesty, and reminding us we’re all just trying to be a littler better than we were yesterday.

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