Meet one of my favorite women in tv

With baseball season starting today, I thought it would be a good time to introduce you to one of my favorite women in the industry. She’s a wife, mom, business woman, and just all-around badass. Pardon my language, but she would approve of a little cursing in here.

Emily Jones is a reporter for the Texas Rangers. She is the model for how to approach this job with class and a sense of humor. She has an incredible rapport with the players,  which is a lot harder than you think. As a baseball reporter, you’re bugging these guys everyday for interviews. You get to experience the best moments with them, but you also have to stick a mic in their face and asks them about their worst days. Try maintaining a friendship with a pitcher when you have to ask him why he gave up 5 unearned runs and got pulled after the 3rd. Those kind of interview are way more common than the no-hitters and walk-offs. But when you watch her interviews on tv, you see how much these players enjoy and respect her.


On top of that, she’s a mom of two. I slightly blame her for making it all look so easy.  Before I had Jace, I’d look at women like Emily, or Amy G with the Giants, and Jody Jackson with the Diamondbacks and think “Oh, they got this. It’s so easy. And they all still have their sanity.” They deceived me with their eye creams and HD makeup. The sanity part is still in question. But they mask that with an unfiltered sense of humor and wine.  Last week Emily opened about nearly retiring and why she decided to come back for another season.  It’s really good, and a lot of you will relate.


One more reason she’s a badass- she owns on her own freaking company! Because raising two kids, being a wife, and working the baseball grind was apparently not enough. Emily created Posh Play. You can see her products here. It’s fun, high style childrens gear. I’ve got the playmat, and its perfect for the beach or picnics. I’ve recently been using it under a high chair now that Jace is at the age where he likes to throw all his food on the floor.

Right now Emily is probably studying up for Rangers Opening Day tomorrow, while making dinner for the family, and nearing the end of her glass (or bottle) of wine. If she even has time to read this, she’s probably laughing at me for taking the time to write about her. But, she’s a badass and deserves the attention. Have a wonderful baseball Emily! Hope it’s filled with several Gatorade baths (and zero social media attention paid to them). Cl-Z7xgWEAENDUh

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