Let’s talk about hair and other beauty stuff

If you were to open my bathroom drawer, you will find bags and bags filled with beauty samples. I live for the bonus points at Sephora so I can test out to see what works and what doesn’t. Let me honest, I also just love free stuff. After much trial and error, I’ve found some products I really, really love. (side note, I don’t make a dime off any of these products. I just really like them.)

UnknownHeat Protectant: My hair is so damaged from all the blow-drying and curling I have to do for my job. I’ve tried not washing it and using dry shampoo, but that only gets me through a day when I don’t go to the gym. Last month I’ve started using Kerastase Nectar Thermique. It has made such a difference. I have had a really hard time finding anything that works, and seriously, this is amazing. If you try anything on this post, this is my number 1 suggestion.

Wet Brush: This little guy is only like $8. It combs your hair without pulling it out when it’s wet. I’m not sure how it works differently that a regular brush, but it does.

Sebastian Re-shaper hairspray

Hair spray: I’ve gone through more brands of hairspray than my son has gone through diapers. I used to use Kendra 25 when I wanted my hair to look like Veronica Corningstone. Now I go between Bed Head and Sebastian Re-Shaper Hairspray. I also like these because they come in 4 oz bottle that I can travel with.

Hair extensions: Little secret, I use extensions when I’m on-air. I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for three years, but it’s just so damaged that it breaks off at the ends. (Hence the love or my new heat protector). I use the clip-ins, because I don’t want the upkeep of having them done at the salon. I’ve tried SEVERAL brands. I used to like a brand at Sally beauty, but they’ve become very cheap and the hair falls out. Luxy Hair is fantastic. You can buy them based on thinner or fuller hair. I’ve had mine for almost a year, and they’re still in great condition.

Unknown-1Fake eyelashes: I get asked about my eyelashes more than anything else. While I would love eyelash extensions, they’re a lot of upkeep. I just don’t have time to get them done every two weeks. So instead I use extensions for when I’m on air or out somewhere nice. These Ardell 120 are my favorite. They’re full and still look natural. If you keep good care of them, you can use them 4-5 times a pair.

The glue you use is also very important. A bad glue gets stuck on your lashes and pulls them out. This Duo Glue is fantastic. It brushes on and has vitamins that actually help the  keep your lashes healthy. I will not put on lashes with any other glue.

new-reverse-regimenFace Cream: I got bad brown spots after I had my son. I’m sure a ton of you ladies have dealt with this too. I also spent WAY too much time in the sun as a kid. So I started using Rodan and Fields Reverse (no, I don’t sell it. But I’ve got a bunch of friends that do if you’re interested). This made a huge difference in my skin. It is expensive, but it’s the only thing I’ve found that works for this. I’ve even done IPL laser treatment, and that didn’t work like Reverse did. Note- you can’t use it while you’re pregnant. So keep that in mind if you’re interested.

Unknown-2Foundation: I have very few go-to’s with make-up. I just get bored and want to try new things. I’m still looking for a goo mascara and eye shadow if you have any suggestions. But I use this Bobbi Brown Foundation stick everyday. Its great for days you just want something light. You blend it with a buki brush, and it looks like you’re not even wearing make-up. For on-air, I pair it with MAC Studio Fix. I’ve used that powder since I started on-air a decade ago.

A couple other favorites: Revlon lip gloss; MAC eyeliner; if you’re blond- any brand of purple shampoo; Philosophy Miracle Worker; Rodan and Fields under eye cream. I wrote about this heel spray before if you’re prone to getting blisters.

These are just a couple of my favorite items. If you’ve got a product you love, please leave me a note down below! I love trying to ones.

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