How I got my kid to stay in the crib…for now

If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know we’ve had a bit of a sleeping situation. Actually more like a no-sleeping-in-the-crib situation. Two weeks ago, Jace figured out how to crawl out of his crib. Lovely, what to do now…. The mattress was on the lowest setting. So, like any normal human, I enlisted the help of my social media followers. Here’s a few of their suggestions and if they worked. Spoiler: most did not.

Night One: lower the mattress to the floor. This sounds like a good plan in theory, unless your child has the skill of America Ninja Warrior. The cribs rails go up to his shoulders, but that like sucker could lift his toes to the top of the rail and somehow climb over. If I wasn’t so delirious from the lack of sleep, I would have almost been proud.

Night Two: Give your son a stern no. “Do not get out of the crib.” HA! Y’all are funny. I did mention he’s two right?

Night Three: Convert crib into toddler bed, and child lock his door. The theory here is that if he can’t leave his room, he’s going to be bored and eventually sleep in the bed. Those people haven’t met my Ninja Warrior son. There is still plenty to climb on. In fact at 2 am I found him on top of his dresser throwing off all the books on the floating bookshelves. I had to sleep on the floor next to him just to keep him from escaping the bed.


Night Four: Put crib back together. Sleep in a sleep sack. This one actually worked! He hated the sleep sack, but he couldn’t escape. Problem solved!

Night Five: Houdini figured out a way out of the sleep sack while it was still fully zipped! WTF! I guess I can laugh at this one, because I was out of town when it happened. My poor mom was here. He was up from 1 am- 5 am. We still have no idea how he got out of the dang sack. Did I mention it was still zipped!

Night Six: Put him back in sleep sack and pray. This has worked for us ever since. I’m not sure why he hasn’t tried to escape again. Maybe he just got bored. Maybe he was too exhausted from a weeks worth of no sleep. I have no clue. But we are currently in a sleep sack with the mattress on the floor. I really think if I had given it enough time in the toddler bed, he would had gotten used to it. But it was just really bad timing with Mario and I’s work schedule. Plus the new puppy.


Speaking of the puppy, things are getting better. She’s pretty much potty trained if you keep her on a schedule. She sleeps through the night in her crate. Her energy is off-the-walls! I forgot how much energy they wake up with. No more enjoying a cup of coffee before the kid wakes up. Jace and her are starting to play better together… sometimes. He gets mad when she bites him, and he wants to scream and hit her. So you can’t ever take your eye off the two.

But then there are times when they just run around the backyard chasing after tennis balls. So I don’t regret the decision as much as I did two weeks ago. Someone came to take care of Izzy overnight last week. Jace had a full-out meltdown when Izzy left. That point made me realize he really loves his new puppy… even thought she ‘s constantly nibbling on him. I’ll keep you posted.

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