Getting real about baby No. 2

Going into this pregnancy I thought “This will be easy. I’ve been through it before. I got this!” WRONG! Not sure what I was thinking. Actually, I probably wasn’t thinking. Your brain does this funny little trick on you after you have kids. You love your littles so much that you forget how miserable pregnancy and childbirth can be.

I know, I sound whiny. I’m 37 weeks pregnant. Allow me some grace. I’m just not one of those women who enjoys being pregnant. A coworker of mine told me his wife wishes she could pregnant every day of her life. WTH? I can’t even wrap my foggy brain around that concept.

Back to the point, why was this pregnancy so much harder this time around? First, my morning sickness was WAY worse than with Jace. I’m blaming it on having a girl. It was miserable. I lost 3 pounds the first trimester because I couldn’t keep anything down.

Second, I didn’t consider that I would also have to chase around a toddler while feeling like SH**. That first trimester I was so tired and nauseous that I would sit with Jace and watch Moana on repeat. I know, stellar parenting. It was about survival. Options were limited. If we left the house, I risked vomiting at Chick-fil-A. It was 115 degrees outside, so that was off the table. My kid doesn’t do crafts or anything that involves sitting, except Moana. So that’s what we did all summer.


Second trimester was fine. My energy came back, and I was able to chase that kid all around the park. Then the third trimester hit, and I could no longer keep up with him. I should mention that besides never sitting, he’s also a runner. Like runs straight into oncoming traffic. #facepalmemoji I’m lucky we haven’t ended up in the hospital yet.

It’s funny, when you have your first child everyone is so concerned about you carrying or lifting things. “Don’t put your suitcase in the overhead bin! You could hurt the baby!” “Don’t lift weights! Don’t work out too hard.” No one says that stuff your second go-around when you’re lugging your 40 lb toddler around on your hip. That child is twice the size of my carry-on luggage!! Thank God for my husband who’s come to my rescue several times because my sciatic was acting up and I couldn’t take Jace to school.


Other factors that didn’t cross my mind the second go-around: you can’t just take a nap when you’re tired. No caffeine. Brutal, because as a mom you rely on those 3-4 cups to get through the day. NO WINE! Maybe the worst of all of them. When your toddler has annoyed the poop out of you all day, there’s no 5 PM reward in sight.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so incredibly grateful for our baby girl on the way. Our appreciation for a healthy pregnancy is so much more after having experienced a miscarriage last year. It’s what got me through the really bad days. I remember thinking “Being nauseous is a good sign” as I’m vomiting into the sink for the 6th time that morning. This blog post was really just to laugh at myself for ever thinking “I got this. This will be easy.” I also just needed another place to whine. I’m afraid if Mario has to listen to me complain anymore, he’ll have his noise cancelling headphones surgically attached to his ears.


3.5 more weeks….. I got this.

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