Friday Faves: My NYC trip, Lulu jacket, sauv blanc, kids placemat

I can’t believe I just wrote that in a headline: Friday faves- a kids placemat. My life has gotten so exciting! Ha! I’ll save that one for last so that I don’t lose every reader after the first paragraph.

First up, my favorite Friday fav is my husband. I’ve been on a work trip to NYC for the last five days. It’s the longest I’ve been away from the little guy. Mario kept him alive, fed, bathed, dressed, for a whole five days! And you know what, he didn’t complain once. When I’ve got the kid for five days alone, I’m exhausted and reaching for the bottle of wine at 4:30. Mario made it look so easy. And he made sure to FaceTime with me during breakfast and dinner every day.  I make fun of Mario a ton on here. He can be a pretty east target. So today he gets a shoutout for being the best.



Mario got me a Lululemon gift card for my birthday. I seriously have not taken off this jacket since I bought it. Define Jacket in Alpine White. LW4ACYS_026859_1

I have the same jacket in two other colors. Ya, it’s a bit on the pricey side for a jacket, but I wear them almost every day. I’m trying to be better about the idea of “cost per wear”. Usually I would buy a $25 dollar sweatshirt from Target, that would fall apart or I’d get bored with after a month. These Lulu jackets I wear for years, so it’s worth the price.

I feel the same way about their leggings. I’ve bought other brands like Athleta, that save me maybe $20, and they don’t hold up. By the way, did you know Lulu has outlet stores! There’s one 10 miles from me.


Unknown-1Now to the wine. Since it’s spring, I’m back on a Sauv Blanc kick. I go in waves. My favorite inexpensive Sauv Blank is Kim Crawford. It’s usually somewhere between 12.99-15.99. But if you go to Costco, they usually have it marked down to 10.99. (Although then I end up buying 2 gallons of peanut butter, a 52-inch tv, and an outdoor patio set. But that $2 I saved on wine….)

Throw me some ideas for some of your favorite spring/summer wines below.

Now on to that exciting placemat! (Part of me is crying on the inside.)  Jace sits in a high chair bolted to the counter. So we needed some sort of placemat or plate to put his food on that he can’t throw off. Our little muscle man can rip those little suction cup bowls right off the counter. So I found this placemat on amazon. I don’t know quite how it works, but Jace isn’t able to pull it up. However, it’s super easy for an adult to pick up and clean.  It’s genius and cheap.

Happy Friday y’all! Hope you enjoy the weekend!



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