Friday Faves: child locks and popsicles

How’s that for an exciting title! Yes, my Friday favorites are about childproofing and popsicles. I need a life. On that note, I’m headed out to dinner with my childhood best friend tonight. We’re trying Mi Dia in Plano. I’ll let you now how it is. Maybe it’s so good I’ll write about it next Friday.

I digress.

These are the cabinet locks I mentioned on Instagram. They are awesome! We have brand new cabinets, and I didn’t want to put holes in them with the normal childproof locks. They’re magnetic and the locks just sticks to the back of the cabinet with regular 3M tape. I think these are so genius! I wish I had thought of them. I’ve got videos of them on my instagram stories.

My other fav I found this week are the Pedialyte popsicles . They’re exactly like those Flavor-Ice pops we used to eat after soccer practice. But these are made out of Pedialyte, so they’re a lot better for the kids. It’s freaking 100 degrees out here in Texas, so anything to keep cool is a must. Plus, Jace is getting his molars in, and this seems to really help with the pain.

That’s it for ya! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. I’m off to down some chips, queso and margs. I have to pace myself tonight because I’ve got Orangetheory bright and early tomorrow.




28 thoughts on “Friday Faves: child locks and popsicles

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