Everything is a phase

Hi guys! It’s been a quick minute since I’ve been on here. It was little crazy there during the holidays with Christmas, bowl games, etc. But things have settled down…for now. We’re actually heading on vacation in week! It’s been a year since our last vacation. Jace is older now, and he will be able to appreciate the beach and pool a lot more this time around. My goal is to teach him to swim by the end of the trip. I’ll let you know how that goes.

We’re at a really good age right now with Jace.  Today he grabbed a piece of paper, crayons and started coloring. He played pretend with his dinosaurs. These are little moments, but huge for us. A few months ago I was complaining that he never sat still. He was bouncing off the walls and breaking everything in sight. He was climbing on the tv stand trying to rip the sound bar off the wall. He would take the dog food and throw it everywhere. He got frustrated easily because he couldn’t process his emotions into words.  I chalked it up to just “being a little boy”.

On his first day of school, Jace was running around the room throwing all the toys out of the bins. A normal occurrence at our household. One parent looks at me and says, “Is he always like that?” Um ya, lady. Is yours not?? I watched other kids, and they would sit quietly focused on their toys. Why couldn’t my son do that?


Every hour he was awake felt like 3 hours, because you could never sit down. Constantly chasing him. The good news: I think we are finally coming out of that phase. He sits down to eat meals. He plays pretend with his toys. He can watch Moana for more than 5 minutes.  Overall, there’s been a huge change in his ability to focus on a task. It sounds really simple, but it took a long time to get to this point.

I think a lot of it has to do with learning his words. He was behind other kids his age. The doctor tells you at your 18-month appointment they should know between 10-15 words. Jace knew two- momma and dadda. He got frustrated easily because he couldn’t tell you what he wanted or how he was feeling. Now that his words have picked up, he’s able to process emotions better. (Although, we are still working through this).


I also think a lot the credit goes to his teachers at school. Mario and I went to his Christmas luncheon, and it was like walking into an alternate universe. Five little kids were all sitting down, eating lunch nicely. No one was throwing food. They all sat in a circle and sang songs. My kid wasn’t climbing on the bookshelves. Where the heck are we? And what’d you do with our kid? These teachers are magicians!


I guess what I’m trying to say is that everything is a phase. Those phases can seem long at points, but you’ll get to the next phase soon enough. Like the biting phase- it lasted two weeks and was miserable, but eventually he stopped.  Kids learn at their own speed. I look back at a year ago when I never thought I would sleep again. Eventually, your kid will learn to sleep.  He’ll learn to talk. He will learn to eat without throwing his food. My friend put it perfectly this weekend, “Eventually every kid learns to stop biting and eat with a fork. You don’t see high schooler biting each other and eating with their hands.” True. We’re still working on the fork thing.

I’m really enjoying this currently phase. He’ll sit and read a book with me. He’ll watch Moana for a good 30 minutes and allow me to fold laundry. He tells me he wants water or his blanket or Moana for the 15th time. Don’t get me wrong, we still have our issues. He’s started having nightmares. He hates having his diaper changed. He’ll hit you if you do something he doesn’t like. He’ll have an emotional breakdown if the dog eats his food. But they’re all phases. I have remind myself to enjoy the phases, instead of looking forward to the next one.

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  1. Just enjoy because they grow up too soon!!!! I saw you on ESPN at one of the games. So glad you keep us updated!! Nell

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