Current phase: breaking EVERYTHING!

When Mario and I found out we were having a boy, I was so excited. I thought about taking him to football and baseball games. I’d get to watch Mario teach him tennis. Most women I think want a girl right away, but I wanted a boy. Go figure for a person who spends their career watching sports. I was prepared for all the dirt and mess that comes with boys. What I was not prepared for what their desire to DESTROY EVERYTHING!

Yes, the ALL CAPS are needed here. We are in a stage where he literally tries to break everything. From 55 in TVS to goldfish. Yep, two weeks ago he took a set of keys and smashed our tv. It was less than two years old.  He’s got this new game where he takes his toys and throws them over the balcony of our playroom as they land on my brand new hardwood floors. He even tries to destroy snacks. Yesterday he took his goldfish and smashed them into tiny pieces until it looked like orange fairy dust. We’re trying to get him to eat with a fork, and after each bite he chucks the fork across the room. I guess it’s progress because the previous stage was seeing how much food he could fit into this mouth and then spitting it onto the floor. Today, he broke a picture frame. It’s the third one he’s broken since we’ve lived in this house.

I know what all you non-parents are thinking right now- “why don’t you keep all that stuff our of reach”. Sure, great idea. But there’s only so much space to put stuff that is three feet off the floor and that my extra large son can’t climb on. And secondly, at some point this kid has to learn to stop destroying things! At our old place, I just kept him locked up in his playroom. He was basically like a caged-animal that we didn’t allow near anything nice. At some point that animal has to learn to live in normal society. And that’s where we are now, patiently trying to teach Jace not to break everything he comes into contact with. (plus, the baby gates don’t work anymore after he learned he can just bulldoze them over).

Is this just a boy things? My parents say my sister and I weren’t like this. How long will this phase last? Someone give me a glimmer of hope that I won’t have to bubble wrap my whole house. In the meantime, we’ve bolted every piece of furniture to the wall so he doesn’t break them. Oh, and if anyone know of a good sale on tvs, let me know. I need a cheap one, because at this rate we will need a new one in two years.

36 thoughts on “Current phase: breaking EVERYTHING!

  1. It is def a boy thing. I have 2 kids. Our first is a girl who not once ever bothered anything. She is 6 and has always been excellent. Our 2nd is a boy aka, 23 month old bull in a china shop. I have gathered boys and girls are just on a whole different level when it comes to their behavior at the toddler age!

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