Cheers to Monday

Hallelujah for the start of a new week! I don’t know about you, but I look forward to Mondays. Here’s why: each week I make a mental list of all the stuff I need to get done. I start out so optimistic. “I’m going to get all this stuff done! I’m going to clean the house, vacuum the floors, steam clean the couch, put away Jace’s baby clothes, store away all the toys he’s too big for. I’m going to meal prep lunches for each day. I’m going to hang up those clothes that I took out of the dryer two weeks ago. Oh, and then I’m going to go to work. Can’t forget that last one!” I’m not complaining. I seriously get excited to get all this stuff done! It’s the inner nerd inside me. I like to be able to check something off the list.

90% of the stuff I listed above has been on my to-do list for 3 months. Jace’s newborn clothes are still hanging in the closet. So ya, some of the chores have been on the list for 9 months.

What happened to that optimistic, energetic woman ready to conquer the Monday? Well by Friday at 5pm, I’m two-glass in and literally crawling to the finish line. My motivation has turned into survival of the fittest. Example- when you have to take your child naked through a departments store (for obvious reasons I will not describe). This was not the list.


And last week, I swear I lost my brain by Wednesday. Apparently I need to add “don’t forget purse on the way to the airport” on my checklist. Yep. I was in Dallas visiting family, and I got to the airport and realized my purse was still at my parents’ house. Thankfully, I had my phone and wallet with me. How did I manage to bring my wallet but not my purse? Like I said earlier, by Friday I’m crawling to the finish line. Or in this circumstance, I’m crawling to the boarding door holding only a phone and a wallet. (And $5 for a wine on the plane).

So cheer to Monday! A new week, and a new mindset. I’m going to tackles those baby clothes. I’ll let you know on Friday how that turns out….

What’s on your list you haven’t got done in weeks that you plan to do this week?

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