Big day in Toledo house: Go Waves!

Hey y’all! A quick blog post before we head out the door and head to Malibu. Today is a big day in our house because Mario’s team plays the reigning national champions, Stanford.

It’s a big match because Pepperdine plays in the WCC, so they don’t get many opportunities to play against the top teams in the country. A win would go a long way for their postseason seeding. A win would also mean a much happier Toledo household!  Those of you with significant others in athleteics totally understand this. A win=happy home. A loss=grumpy home.

Since I work on the weekends, this is one of the few times I actually get to see them play. Jace is coming too, which is a bit of an ordeal. He hasn’t quite figured out the whole cheering/not cheering thing. I explained to him this morning he can scream and cheer in between points, or whenever the girls in red are about to serve. (Just kidding! Kind of…)

Go Waves!!! And go follow our instagram stories @krisbudden. We’ll post updates throughout the day.


66 thoughts on “Big day in Toledo house: Go Waves!

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