About Me

A year ago, if you asked me “Who are you?” I would have said I was a sports reporter. If you asked me now? Well, things have changed a bit….

I’m a mom, a coach’s wife, a travel expert, a household manager, a Missouri Tiger, a Texas-native, a coffee addict, want-to-be sommelier…. and a sports reporter. Needless to say, life changes a bit when you add another human being into the mix.

A year ago, I was a sports reporter covering college football and major league baseball for FOX. When I got pregnant, my husband also landed his dream job. So I left my job at four months pregnant, and we moved to Los Angeles. (Yes, we may be the only sane people to ever leave America’s Finest City to the traffic jams of LA). But it was my husband’s dream to coach college tennis. He moved across the country for my job, so it was time to follow him. He’s now the assistant coach for the women’s tennis team at Pepperdine. Go Waves!

So here I was in LA, pregnant, and without a job. It’s funny how life works out though. My husband’s career move forced me to take a chance, and it propelled me to land my dream job-college football reporter for ESPN.

My greatest job in life started in March of 2016.

Our son Jace was born. Beware of all the pictures that are coming 🙂

Being a mom is the most amazing and most challenging experience. So yes, I have my dream job and a beautiful family.

But how do you manage all of that each day? How do you juggle being the best at your job, but also trying to be an amazing mom and wife? How do you and your husband travel every weekend with out a nanny?! These are the questions I get a lot. Honestly, it’s a day-to-day struggle. I’m far from finding any answers. That’s what this blog is about. Follow my journey- one that sometimes requires me to drop my son through the airport security at DFW and sprint to my next fight.