A letter to my boy on your second birthday

Oh my little two-year-old Jace. My rambunctious, have-no-fear, adventurous, full of life little boy. I get it now when people say the days are long but the years are short.

Last year I said there would be time when you no longer needed to hold my hand. That time is already here. It went by so quickly.  We get out of the car for school, and you go. Full speed. You don’t need my hand. You don’t even need a goodbye. It’s wonderful and heartbreaking all at once. IMG_0154

Last year I said I couldn’t wait to watch you learn how to throw a baseball, mimic your dad’s forehand and take your first few steps. Those moments have come and gone. Now you shadow daddy all over the court. We had to take away the real baseballs before you broke a window. You only run now. Walking is too boring.

I’ve come to realize the best part of parenthood is seeing the world through your eyes. You are constantly learning new things. You come home from school with new words everyday. You’ve learned to mimic us, and even mock us.

You beam with pride when you’ve conquered the next skill. Most recently being able to crawl out of the crib. That’s the one skill I wish we could take back. No, seriously Jace. Quit that.  You’ve learned to count to ten. You know all the body parts. You’ve recently discovered how to make yourself burp. You can be rough and frustrated. But you’ve also learned when to say sorry.

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You can be a handful. You hate it when you don’t get your way. You kick and scream. You throw food you don’t like. And you refuse to wear a diaper. These are the moments that are long. But it’s in the moments that follow where I see your biggest growth. You come over, say “shorry”. and give me a kiss. You’re either learning what you did was wrong, or you’ve just discovered how to  manipulate me. Either way, I’ll take the kisses and the “I’m sorrys”.  At this stage, they’re what get you through the screaming and the tears.

I don’t want to sit here and list all the things I’m excited for you to learn this next year, because I just want to enjoy right now. I want it all to slow down. Goodness gracious, when I think of three-years-old, I think of big boy beds and soccer teams. At two, you still need momma for so many things. That list grows shorter and shorter by the day.


I love you so much Jacers. I am so proud of the little man you’re growing up to be.

Love you always,


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